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Rochester, NY 14606



What Makes Us Different?

If you’re looking for just a gym, then Dew It Fitness may not be for you. However if you are looking for a family of like-minded people to support you in your journey toward the best possible you, then come check us out. We take our workouts seriously, but we like to have fun too. Don’t be surprised if you walk in to see us busting a move or singing a made up song during the warm up.

Our goal is to enrich our lives and the lives of those around us in every aspect possible. The culture of Dew It Fitness is one of positivity, encouragement, and support. None of us are perfect, but we all want to do our best. Our goal is for you to reach your goal. We want all of our members to achieve their dreams. There is no better marketing strategy than changing people’s lives. That is what we do.

Dew It Fitness is centrally located in the town of Gates, Rochester, New York.

Our Trainers


Paul Dewey

CrossFit Level-1 Certified
Certified Trainer

Deanna Penders

Certified Nutrition Coach
Certified Trainer

Success Stories

Jenna Ciliberto

I grew up in a very athletic and active family. Soccer is like a second religion to us. In a family of 5 and the oldest of 3 kids I was always the smallest. Although my name is Jenna, I also got used to responding to names like, “chicken legs”, “string...

Laura Ophardt

Since joining Dew It Fitness, I have increased my endurance and strength significantly. I receive many remarks from family and friends on how good my “core” and posture are as well as my arms!   I am almost 50 so they are great compliments! I recently started box...

Jim Bunce

When I started classes, shoulder movement was so painful that it was hard to do simple movements let alone do any serious exercises. Paul showed me some exercises, and within weeks my range of movement improved. Now after four months, every move feels different. The pain is...

Catherine Bunce

I have participated in many exercise programs and this is the first that continues to keep me engaged because of the diverse workouts—I do not get bored. The workouts challenge me more than I have ever been challenged; I am also growing more in strength and endurance than ever...

Emily Greer

I have gained (and lost) so much in my year with Dew It Fitness. I have lost 55lbs and gained a great deal in physical and mental strength. This is the most positive fitness environment I have ever been a part of. Paul and Deanna have provided not just a place to exercise but an...